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"At the edge of the mind stands the sacred nature of the Soul. It calls to you like a great forest filled with its vast mysteries and wonders. Soul Coaching® -Soul Coaching- is a simple path of heart to that temple which resides deep within you."

Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching®


Soul Coaching® was created Denise Linn, best-selling author and speaker. Recognized throughout the world as an expert in Feng Shui and Purifier of Energies. Denise Linn has distilled her knowledge acquired by traditional indigenous cultures around the world (Aborigines in Australia, Zulus in Africa, Maori in New Zealand - where Denise received the title of Tohunga -, but also of her origins Cherokee) and his wisdom in his teachings. For over 15 years, Denise Linn has trained Soul Coaching® Practitioners around the world for deep and spiritual coaching work. Soul Coaching® Practitioners use the power of the subconscious to access deep messages from the soul.

Soul Coaching®,  What is that ?

Soul Coaching® -Coaching of the soul- is a remarkable method for those who wish to operate a deep spiritual cleansing, bring novelty and an aligned and lasting transformation in their life.

Wild Nature

The goal of Soul Coaching® is to align one's inner spiritual life with one's outer life . Through the specific approach of Soul Coaching®, you will be able to discover your true mission, in order to create a life which supports and honors this mission .  

Almost everyone who engages in Soul Coaching® work experiences profound and lasting transformations in their lives. You already have all the answers you need. It is simply about uncovering and de-cluttering internally and externally to allow you to connect to the wisdom of your soul .


Soul Coaching® is a powerful way to break down blockages, limitations and barriers and move forward in alignment in your life.

It is a real in-depth energy work , which starts from the release of unnecessary or less than beneficial energies, through their cleaning, until their replacement by a carrier energy tissue.

What to find in a Soul Coaching® work? ​  

A work of Soul Coaching® is a fabulous Odyssey to meet the wisdom of your soul . Silence the ego to enter into an open heart communication with the most awakened part in oneself.


The technique implemented by Denise Linn is the culmination of years of research and learning the most powerful ancestral practices. Soul Coaching® blends in a magnificent balance, ancestral Amerindian wisdom with shamanic, Buddhist practices, or even the wisdom of Mana. It is a work of cleansing and purification deep energy in accordance with your aspirations and with the objective of your greatest good. At the end of a work of Soul Coaching®, it is old patterns that have been evacuated and the confident progress towards a radiant future that is largely initiated. Prepare to bring your concrete reality to the level of your most beautiful aspirations.

The specific work of Soul Coaching® can take several forms, collective or individual work, face-to-face or online, depending on what you want to find there and the support that best suits what you are looking for:

Voyages de l'âme
1. Soul Journeys

The Voyages of the Soul are individual Soul Coaching® sessions, through which we go deep into your subconscious, to meet the wisdoms that your soul wishes to deliver to you.

Your soul will guide you into universes it knows well to deliver the best messages for you, so that you can make the right decisions , whether you focus on what really matters , or to remember its essence and what it implies for you.


Some possibilities on a soul journey:

- go on a shamanic journey and expand your vibrational field

- meet your allies, spirit guides and ancestors to get the key messages for your life

- travel through time and the lives of your soul to capture its journey, heal the past and follow its mission

- redefine your pre-life contract

- find your spiritual name

- meet your totem animal(s)

- heal emotional and relational tissues that prevent you from moving forward

- connect to the wisdom of your soul

- clarify your life mission


For each of these trips, we check together your purpose behind the trip. What you concretely wish to create in your current life remains the priority of the meaning and experience of a soul journey. Together, we take the time to talk about your goals and what you want to change or progress in your life.

My individual coaching sessions offer soul journeys when appropriate, when your soul calls you. I am then at your side to maintain the safe space during your trip and accompany you during your exploration.

Programmes SC
2.  Soul Coaching® Programs

Soul Coaching® programs are delivered exclusively by Soul Coaching® Practitioners trained and referenced by the International Institute of Soul Coaching®.

They all offer the possibility of operating a spiritual journey in the heart of your subconscious to meet the sacred messages of your soul .

They were designed by Denise Linn whose work focuses on balancing and purifying energies

Soul Coaching® programs are spread over a period of 4 weeks.


Each week is associated with one of the 4 elements:

Air (Mental) - Water (Emotional) - Fire (Spiritual) - Earth (Material)

The goal of Soul Coaching® -Coaching of the Soul- is to align your spiritual life with your daily life. The programs help you clear yourself mentally and emotionally , so that you can then hear and welcome the messages that come to you . come from within.

The Soul Coaching® programs accompany you, each in their own way and with their own prism, to discover the mission of your soul for this life. Thus you are able to make decisions and take actions in accordance with your highest good.

Ateliers SC
3. Soul Coaching® Workshops and Circles

Soul Coaching® workshops are part of coaching circles as much as coaching individual . Just like Soul Coaching® Soul Journeys, and Soul Coaching® Programs, they can only be delivered with the specific method of Soul Coaching® with trained and referenced Practitioners.


Workshops are channels for the soul to express itself during a creative process. We then spend time decrypting the messages sent to you for your greater good.Each workshop invokes a particular theme dear to your progress (life mission, romantic relationships, abundance, taking a step back and emotional intelligence, career development). They are not divinatory, they are the vectors allowing you to hear and take into consideration the sacred messages of your soul for the area explored.

The various Soul Coaching® workshops:

- Soul Coaching Oracle Cards

- Spirit Staff of Soul Coaching®

- Collage of Soul Coaching®

- SoulCoaching® Circle of Vision

- Soul Coaching® Lifeline

- The Soul Coaching® Miracle Box


Formation PSC
4. Becoming a Soul Coaching® Practitioner
2016-09-09 13.52.12.jpg

Soul Coaching® Practitioners are empowered to offer the powerful energetic support of Soul Coaching®.

It is usually a strong call from your soul that guides you to want to become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner.

The training allows you to find the strength and the healing talents that lie dormant in you, and gives a coherent and clear structure , so that the energy work that is done in your company is powerful and beneficial , as much as it allows your clients to ' go further towards the life they want to build.

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