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In tune with the wisdom of your soul.
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What are 28-day Soul CoachingⓇ programs?
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Soul Coaching® programs all offer the possibility of operating a spiritual journey to meet the sacred messages of your soul . They were created by Denise Linn, founder of Soul CoachingⓇ and spiritual author (author of more than 18 books including the Best Seller “Sacred Spaces”, all of Denise Linn's work focuses on balancing and purifying energies)

The Soul Coaching® programs are spread out (apart from the specific 21-day sorting program) over a period of 4 weeks. Each week is associated with one of the 4 elements:

Air (Mental) - Water (Emotional) - Fire (Spiritual) - Earth (Material)


The goal of Soul Coaching® -Coaching de l'Âme- is to align your spiritual life with your daily life .

The programs help you clear yourself mentally and emotionally , so that you can then hear the messages that come to you from within. The Soul Coaching® programs accompany you, each in their own way and with their own prism, to discover the mission of your soul for this life. So you are able to make decisions and take actions in accordance with your highest good .

How are the 28-day Soul CoachingⓇ programs organized?

-Days 1-7: dedicated to the properties of Air / Clearing mental debris

-Days 8-14: dedicated to the properties of Water / The emotional Self

-Days 15-21: dedicated to the properties of Fire / Cleanse the shadow parts and connect to your spiritual part 

-Days 22-28: dedicated to the properties of the Earth / The physical Self


Weekly coaching circles  from the beginning to the end of the program allow you to go further with powerful and inspiring Soul CoachingⓇ workshops.

These programs are designed so that anyone can follow them despite a busy daily life. Every day, you will have access to a guided meditation of a few minutes, as well as the self-coaching exercises for the day, divided into 3 levels:


- Level 1: Committed to change! (between 10 and 30 minutes)

- Level 2: Full ahead! (between 30 minutes and 1 hour)

- Level 3: Body and soul! (the necessary time :) )


Each day you have the opportunity to choose the level of self-coaching exercise you engage in.

Soul CoachingⓇ 28-day programs

28 Days To Discover Your Authentic Self


28 Days Empowered Potential


28 Days To Unlock

the Secret Messages of

Your body

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28 Days For

Survive and Thrive

as a woman

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