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28 Days to Unlock The Secret Messages of your Body

What is the Soul Coaching Program
"28 Days to Unlock The Secret Messages of your Body"?

Do you know that the cells of your body carry hidden messages? Do you know that discovering these messages can have profound effects on your health but also on all other aspects of your life?


This Soul Coaching® program "28 Days to unlock your Body's secret messages"  focuses on the body and vitality. This program will take you on a pure and sincere adventure in this vast inner universe of your body, where reside mysteries just as important as those that can reveal to us the spiritual world.

Your cells, glands, and organs hold precious messages that can reveal fabulous insights about your life.

The primary objective of the Soul Coaching® "Body" program is to get rid of the internal debris contained in your body, in order to allow you to connect to the immense wisdom that your body contains.

There is a deep intelligence in your body that absolutely knows what your needs are at every moment, and that understands that being healthy is not achieved by deprecating or restricting yourself.


This program is about having an appetite for your life, cherishing and honoring yourself by listening to the messages of your body. It is a journey to illuminate your body, to honor and respect it as the sacred vessel of your soul. When you restore your body to its majesty, you allow your depth of soul to express itself.  


The Soul Coaching® "Body" program is an inner journey deep within your womb, allowing you to release the deep emotional tissue that you may have loaded your body with and then create a temple of caring and acceptance for its work and what it gives you.  This program retains the structure of Soul Coaching® and combines very powerful self-coaching and specific work on self-development during our meetings. The program includes:


* 28 Guided Meditations

* 5 meetings (1 each week) for the workshops  and specific sessions

* Daily self-coaching exercises.

Objectives of the 28-day "Body" program

Listen to your body

Clean up your life

Strengthen your DNA 

Boost your confidence and self-esteem


Understand the intelligence of your body and exploit it

Connect your body to your soul

Bringing light in at the cellular level

Release deep-rooted emotional tension

Personal results that you will obtain thanks to the "Body" Program

The most common statements that come out of people who have gone through the Soul Coaching® 28-days program are about a real turning point being created in their lives. For virtually everyone, a remarkable transformation occurs where personal blockages and limitations gradually dissolve and positive changes occur in various areas of their lives.

During this program you will:

  • Activate a powerful cellular rebalancing of your body

  • Find out why you were born with this particular body

  • Align your body with your life purpose

  • Discover the spiritual lessons you receive through your body

  • Learn the mystical correlation between your body and your life

  • Create a vision, a reading map of your soul

  • Create a Spirit Staff

  • Understanding how to clean up and declutter can drastically improve your relationship with your body


Using the energy of nature (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth), this program will allow you to clear old limitations so that you can truly begin to claim your luminosity, and the magnificence of your body.​

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Company only:


Group or Team rate: 3250€ per program

Individual price: 2800€

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