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28 Days to Survive and Thrive as a Woman

What is the Soul Coaching Program
"28 Days to Survive and Thrive as a Woman"?

There are moments in life as a woman when everything changes. Our sense of security is put to the test, and our society only worsens a situation that can go from unacceptable to clearly dramatic:​

- Past trauma

- Rape

- Abuse

- Verbal and physical violence


These words sound harsh and yet they are the reality of a huge percentage of women. Maybe you have suffered a trauma in your past and it haunts you and takes up too much space in your current life now. Perhaps you are in an inextricable financial situation and you realize that it is a vicious circle that you must defuse now. Perhaps you still suffer (or have suffered) physical violence and you want to get out of this gear and find the strength to do so. Maybe you just lost the love of yourself and now you want to find it again.


The Soul Coaching® "Women" program is there to help you get out of this vicious circle when it seems to be freewheeling. This specific Soul Coaching® program is aimed at women in distress. This program is the culmination of many years of inner exploration from which Denise Linn has kept only the best of the exercises that she herself has tested in her own journey. It can truly mark a turning point in Your life.

The "Women" program of Soul Coaching® retains the structure of Soul Coaching® and combines very powerful self-coaching and specific work on self-development during our meetings. The program includes:


* 28 Guided Meditations

* 5 meetings (1 each week) for the workshops  and specific sessions

* Daily self-coaching exercises.

Objectives of the 28-day program "Women"

Take back your dignity

Return to the feeling of security

Make strong decisions

Change the dynamics of your life


Connect to your Values

Listen to the messages of his soul

radiate its own light

Reconcile with your feminine

and with the masculine

Personal results that you will obtain thanks to the "Women" Program

The most common statements that come out of people who have gone through the Soul Coaching® 28-days program are about a real turning point being created in their lives. For virtually everyone, a remarkable transformation occurs where personal blockages and limitations gradually dissolve and positive changes occur in various areas of their lives.

Recovering your integrity, your will and your self-esteem is possible.

This program is specially created to help you do that.


At the request of Denise Linn, its creator, this specific program is free.

Check the dates and your availability before asking to be registered.  

I will be honored and happy to meet you there and accompany you along this part of your journey.

Afro Beauty

The decisive moments must absolutely be taken and encouraged. This program is designed to change the situation when women find themselves in distress.


This program is 100% Free.


It is done in groups. Registration on request within the proposed dates.

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