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Becoming a certified
Soul Coaching® Practitioner  

it means creating virtuous circles from the inside out

The Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training is actually much more than training and really takes on the appearance of an initiatory journey . Some people decide to follow this training to add skills to their practice, others decide to come to awaken the virtues of healers who are dormant in them , still others follow the training because their whole soul breathes inside them. ear that this is the path of their internal spiritual progression .


This training offers a time to create a path towards yourself , in authentic alignment with your values and the mission of your soul.

Soul Coaching® is coaching that is created and done from the heart.  

You can only really accompany and cherish the people in your universe (love, children, family, friends, clients…) if your energy and your vibration is able to enter into an authentic and benevolent opening of the heart .

It is a real honor for me to have been trained, inspired and encouraged and chosen by my dear Mentor, Denise Linn , creator of Soul Coaching® and the International Institute of Soul Coaching® , to offer this magnificent training.

What's in he Soul Coaching® Practitioner training program?
Quality spiritual coaching.jpg
High Quality spiritual coaching

Offering spiritual coaching requires great rigor and mastery of the key professional skills of coaching . In my work, I make it a point of honor to touch each of these skills, so that each practitioner is aware of the talents involved in your deep spiritual work. Coach certified MCC (Master Certified Coach) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), providing quality work that meets recognized professional standards is essential for me.

Allowing people to connect to their spirituality also requires being clear and in tune with one's own, so  to open access, and to maintain a sacred space respectful of the universe of the person who presents himself. This is how a soul coaching® discussion takes on its full dimension, and how deep meaning can emerge, by visiting the depths of the spiritual universe of each individual .

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Deep energy work

* Kiss  the mystical sense of the elements and use their strength in your sessions. 

* Create an environment that diffuses healing and spiritual energies 

* Make the climate conducive to  awareness , beyond words (through space, the power of intention, questions, energy work)

* To exploit  Feng Shui secrets to raise the vibrational frequency of your sessions 

* Energetically cleanse the spaces, you and your clients, before and after a Soul Coaching® session (step by step)

* Understand certain neuroscientific data how they confirm the power of the mystical and the sacred

Specific workshops

Each Soul Coaching® workshop is an opportunity to get in touch with your soul and your deep wisdom . The workshops are inspired by ancient wisdom, Feng Shui, Buddhist, shamanic traditions in addition to the ever-present and essential coaching approach . Among the workshops specific to Soul Coaching® created by Denise Linn , and following her specific technique:

* The Soul Coaching collage with the reading of the secret messages it contains

* the spiritual staff of Soul Coaching®

* The Lifeline of Soul Coaching®

* The miracle box of Soul Coaching®

* The Soul Coaching® Circle of Vision

* The Soul Coaching® Tea Room

and so many more...

Open to dialogue of the heart.jpg
Open to the heart

Offering Soul Coaching® support, support towards the soul is above all also allowing you to be authentic and true to yourself. All the training puts in strong connection with nature . Slow down, get back to basics and what is true and pure . We talk heart to heart, soul to soul... every moment.

Soul Journeys

One of the unique methods used by Soul Coaching® Practitioners is that of Soul Travel . This is a special, gentle visualization that allows them to enter a meditative state through which they will easily and smoothly access their resources and inner wisdom . During this training, you will learn how to bring your clients into this state of deep relaxation.  

* Use  the most powerful relaxation techniques to help your clients connect to their soul  

* Use ancestral breathing techniques to give more depth to the sessions

* 8 Powerful Internal Objection Resolution Techniques

* Allow your clients to integrate into their daily lives the messages received from their soul, their protectors and spiritual allies

* Open your clients to the spiritual universe that resides within them

* Increase the vibrational frequency of your clients, with their consent and for their greater good

* Powerfully accompany your clients in an extra-ordinary experience for beneficial and powerful results in their daily lives

Unique programs.jpg
Unique Programs

At the end of the training, all practitioners will have followed at least a 28-day program of Soul Coaching® created by Denise Linn and will be able to offer them in turn, being validated by the International Institute of Soul Coaching® and Denise Linn . The programs:

* 28 days to discover your authenticity

* 28 Days to unlock your body's secret messages

* 28 Days to Survive and Thrive as a Woman

* 28 days to let go and get into the flow

Guided meditations.jpg
Guided Meditations

The technique for offering guided meditations specific to Soul Coaching® is absolutely fabulous! Deepak Chopra himself has spoken of Denise Linn 's guided meditations and Soul Coaching® as groundbreaking for creating a positive future. Practitioners will benefit from meditations for themselves in training, but will also have everything they need to know to in turn  create their own Soul Coaching® meditations .

enhance your practice.jpg
Market your practice

Everything is done, in this training, so that people who wish can promote themselves better and focus on the essentials of their practice. We also spend time developing your abundance, both on a spiritual level, by breaking down the barriers that block it, and on a practical level by taking the time to study the various modes of communication and to evolve and then prosper over the long term . with your practice

Reach out to the Sun
Profound Personal Benefits

* Awaken (re-connect) you to your inner peace and illuminate your soul

* Discover your life mission in the course of the journey undertaken by your soul

* Conduct an in-depth life assessment

* Learn who you were in a past life and how that life impacts your present life

* Understand key points and turning points in your life

* Discover your spiritual allies and totems

* Overcome recurring fears

* End victimization patterns and choose your future

* Learn how to live spiritually while being integrated and connected in the world

Rate  and Registration

The Spiritual Retreat Training includes:

- A 28 Day Soul Coaching(R) online program (5 live meetings = 1 per week)

- 1 week in face-to-face spiritual retreat

Online training includes:

- 8 months of training with courses every 2 weeks

- Work and practice during and between lessons

- A 28-week Soul Coaching(R) program

Prices :

On a spiritual retreat in France: 5555€*

* includes accommodation and meals during the spiritual retreat

Online over 8 months: 5555€  

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Tarif et inscription

Denise Linn , 

Founder of Soul Coaching® and 

The International Soul Coaching® Institute

"Moëra is part of the very small group of individuals that I have  personally chosen throughout the world to represent Soul Coaching® and carry its voice into the future, through training to certify professional Soul Coaching® Practitioners.


She is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Certified Soul Coaching® Trainer. She has attained the highest level of Soul Coaching® certification and is part of the group of individuals that I have personally trained in my own coaching method. It creates a safe and fertile environment for discovering the truth of the soul; those who follow its events experience remarkable transformations in their lives."

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