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“When two forces are joined, their effectiveness is doubled.”

Isaac Newton

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Work on yourself using the power of collective intelligence

Unlike a team, a group is a gathering of individuals, each with their own interest , and no major specific interest to look in the same direction except the common interest of a subject discussed.  


Coaching circles, or group coaching, consist of coming to a space dedicated to a theme that intersects with an individual point of work .

Everyone has their own aspirations, their own expectations in the face of a specific theme and the strength of the collective will be used in the service of the individual good of each participant .

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Coaching circles are very powerful for me in that we never come into a group “by chance” . I have seen over the years incredible things between people who did not know each other, and who in the course of a few hours, have brought each other for years. It's a real meeting of souls .


Coaching circles can take the format of an experiential workshop over a few hours , or in a specific Soul CoachingⓇ program .


Team coaching

Spend the day outside

Individual Coaching

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