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Self-development in the service of professionalism and continuing professional training

The job of coach requires you to constantly question yourself while knowing how to refocus in a solid and effective way to bring the best to your clients.


Through my experience as a trainer and mentor for coaches since 2012 internationally, I have the great joy of witnessing live the global evolution of coaching and its increasingly sharp professionalization.  


I deeply believe that an excellent coach constantly works to develop in multiple ways (recovering the framework, finding his specific color of intervention, overcoming his limiting beliefs, working on himself, etc.) with a constant concern for alignment between his own evolution and the best he/she can offer his/her clients.

Choose and vary your development supports over time and as your professional identity evolves
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It is to this extent that I offer you a variety of accompaniments, which themselves follow my own development and my own coherence beyond my experience, and which thus, I hope, will be able in one way or cross your path during your own evolution towards professional excellence and authenticity of soul.

  • Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training  ​

  • Erickson Coaching International Training

  • Mentoring towards ICF certifications (ACC - PCC - MCC)

  • Supervision for taking a step back and professional posture

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