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Formation Moera SAULE


"All precepts for study are summed up in this: Learn, to create yourself."

- Friedrich von Schelling, Philosopher -

Imagine taking a course that allows you to make a real difference in your life.

A training actually creates a sacred space in which opportunities materialize to shift the paradigm, to redefine yourself, and to create a better version of yourself.


I deeply believe that beyond the skills acquired which are essential, broader and deeper issues are also at work in the context of training. Training comes first and foremost by opening hearts.


My goal is to make the trainings that I offer a positive and powerful transformational experience , through which participants prepare and manage to make them decisive moments in their lives .


My perspective is  give keys so that each participant then develops autonomy  to create a new approach in their own environment, while experiencing a more complete version of themselves.

Each of the trainings that I deliver includes a  systematic application of theoretical elements. Highlighting by a theoretical contribution is always an exciting contribution, and is only really transformative with the practice and the authorization of make mistakes  or get out of your comfort zone.

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