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"Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to move forward so as not to lose your balance"

-Albert Einstein-


Mentoring for ICF certification or not, consists of coaching and feedback in a process of collaboration, appreciation and dialogue based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the skills of the coach in his practice of coaching, in alignment with the key competencies determined by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Purpose of mentoring

Mentoring provides professional support to achieve and demonstrate the levels of skill and professionalism in coaching required by the desired level of ICF certification.

Mentor coaching takes place over a period of a minimum of three months, in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the mentor while also allowing for reflection and practice on the part of the professional coach.


I offer individual mentoring on request for coaches:

• In the process of ACC certification: Certified Associate Coach

• In process of PCC certification: Certified Professional Coach

• In the process of continuing education to perfect their skills

My mentoring style includes an experience-based approach. I encourage and rigorously guide the discoveries and professional improvements of the coaches I mentor, through a series of conversations, practices and factual comments on real coaching sessions that we listen to together with regard to the professional skills used.


The ICF Core Competencies are the backbone of any coaching interaction and each coach must find a way to integrate them organically into their own style.


The supervision of Coaches is a practice of collaborative learning aimed at continuously strengthening the skills of the Professional Coach, through an interactive dialogue whose theme is systematically chosen by the coach, according to his needs: entrepreneurial approaches, positioning in some cases....


Coaching supervision focuses on developing the internal skills of the coach by providing a rich and broad opportunity for support and development. Supervision creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and vulnerabilities by becoming masters in how they work with their clients.

Supervision objective

Supervision is a very rich moment of exchange for the coach, in order to take a step back from situations, gain confidence and be able to position themselves in a clearer and more subtle way according to their own personality and environment. , with its clients and sponsors. 

The exchanges during a supervision can mix a coaching approach with that of support by an experienced coach.

Third eye

Coach supervision may include:

  • Exploring the coach's internal process through reflective practice

  • Go back to the obstacles that the practice of the coach has brought to light

  • Discover blind spots

  • Develop the coach's practice and entrepreneurship

  • Prepare sessions that require a particular positioning on the part of the coach

  • Take an emotional step back in your practice

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