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28 Days to Discover your Authentic Self

What is the Soul Coaching Program
"28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self"?

Soul Coaching® "28 Days to Discover Your Authenticity is a Magnificent Program for meeting your Soul through recognizing the synchronicities and messages the Universe sends you each day.


It is a spiritual journey that spans a period of 4 weeks. Each week is associated with one of the 4 elements:

Air - Water - Fire - Earth


The program helps cleanse yourself mentally and emotionally, so that you can then hear those messages and consider how they resonate inside. The Soul Coaching® program "28-days to Discover your Authenticity" accompanies you to discover the purpose that your soul wishes to give to your life in order to take actions and decisions in accordance with your life mission.


The "Authenticity" program of Soul Coaching® is an Odyssey that combines very powerful self-coaching and specific work of self-development during our meetings. The program includes:


* 28 Guided Meditations

* 5 meetings (1 each week) for the workshops  and specific sessions

* Daily self-coaching exercises.

Objectives of the 28-day program "Authentic"

listen to his soul

Take control of your destiny

Develop your Intuition

Boost your confidence and self-esteem


Attract new opportunities

Clean up your life

Increase your vibrational field

Eliminate what obstructs to move forward

Personal results that you will obtain thanks to the "Authentic" Program

The most common statements that come out of people who have gone through the Soul Coaching® 28-days program are about a real turning point being created in their lives. For virtually everyone, a remarkable transformation occurs where personal blockages and limitations gradually dissolve and positive changes occur in various areas of their lives.



During this program you will:

  • Awaken your inner peace and illuminate your soul

  • Discover your life purpose

  • take stock of your life

  • understand the defining moments of your life

  • overcome and overcome the fears that repeat themselves within you

  • create a vision, a reading map of your soul

  • create a spirit staff

  • awaken the highest spiritual aspect within you and live in accord with



Questions for which you will find answers during this program:

  • What is my life mission?

  • What are my core values?

  • How do I live my life in accordance with my values?

  • what blocks me and how do I break these barriers?

Worship and silent meditation

Company only:


Group or Team rate: 3250€ per program

Individual price: 2800€

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