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“The best things that happen in the corporate world are not the result of one man's work. It is the work of a whole team.”

Steve Jobs

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When and why to start a team coaching?
Team meeting

A company owes a large part of its success to a good working environment and the work of a close-knit team. Creating an environment conducive to innovation and maintaining a constructive dialogue beyond individual differences is a key element for solid projects to become real.

Team coaching is effective and relevant in the following cases:

* Create a common vision for the future of your company/department

*Boost the skills and talents of each memberof your teams

* Make creativity emerge around an established and structured objective

* Strengthen team cohesion

* Deploy effective, innovative and unifying communication

*Achieve excellence in a harmonious and stable way

* Calibrate Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) objectives

* Develop enthusiasm and sense of purpose

* Gain team maturity and change positioning

* Be authoritative as a team

Team Booster
1/  Team Booster (½ day to 2 days)

Team boosters can take the form of special events to create an impactful experience for the team. They can be repeated during the year or only intervene very occasionally, and generally respond to a specific agenda that the Manager and the team have set up together. The Booster team is prepared upstream with the Manager and the Coach according to what he wishes to create for his team.


The team booster organized by a coach is very effective in getting out of the daily context and creating something new.


It is important to allow time afterwards for the “cold” review of what the team booster has brought and how it fits into the functioning of the team (either by the Manager or by the intervening Coach).

2/ Simple team facilitation (between 3 months and 1 year)
Facilitation déquipe simple

Team facilitation only requires finding common goals for the team , and often initiated by the Manager. Once these objectives have been found and the buy-in from the team, coaching support can be put in place. The objective is to allow at the end of this coaching, that the team gains in autonomy . As much work is done during the presence of the coach as during his absence, during which the team learns to work and communicate in an optimized way.

The objective of team facilitation is to find a healthy and supportive balance between relational and performance .


It is a great tool to use in short sessions (approximately 2 hours) which are repeated over several weeks and months and aim to achieve operational autonomy over time and in changing work habits. . Each session has its own SMART objective to achieve, determined by the team.

This tool can be used online or face-to-face.

3/ Leadership training combo,  Team facilitation, Team Booster (between 6 and 8 months)
Combo Formation & Facilitation

A Leadership Training and Team Facilitation combo can be extremely effective if:

- You need a team to quickly gain in maturity and autonomy

- You need, as a Manager, to position yourself differently in front of your team and that they must follow this change to improve the team dynamic in a limited time

- You are in a period of restructuring  

- Cohesion is really damaged in depth and there is the desire to recreate the team identity


Several training modules, team coaching interspersed or following, several possibilities are possible depending on your project.

Depending on your objectives, let's build together a tailor -made support , the most adapted to your needs, and create both the performance and the identity that suits you.

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Individual Coaching

Support group

Coaching circles 

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