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My engagement

My commitment and what I like to do above all is to develop people and allow them to unfold in the best way for them and for the people in their world. My job is to enable you to release your inner leadership through a deep connection to your value system, in which even your inner wisdom resides.

This is what I call spirituality.


I truly believe that we decide the world we move through: the more we connect to our inner wisdom, the more we act on it, helping the universe to give us exactly what is right and true for our soul development. .

The power of visualization is unlimited and by unleashing this power in my clients, I allow them to create a space where they can: (maybe put visual for everyone or a big visual to support the 6 aspects)

  • Open to different and new perspectives

  • Make relevant and healthy decisions

  • Grow (with awareness of the impacts on the parties involved).

  • Develop self and situational awareness

  • Finding balance and inner peace

  • Be who they are deeply, from the depths of their heart and honor it

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My Practice

In my coaching practice, I work on leadership growth through spiritual development. My clients are mainly CEOs, senior executives and personal development professionals (coaches, therapists, sophrologists...).


As an Ericksonian coach and Soul CoachingⓇ Master Practitioner, my approach harnesses the power of the subconscious through specific communication techniques discovered by Milton Erickson, but also the power of metaphors, NLP, advanced relaxation techniques such as guided meditation, the unique Soul Coaching® approach, the power of mandalas and creativity, the use of voices and their impact on brain waves.

Know more...

I am an MCC Certified Professional Coach with the ICF, Team Facilitator, Trainer and Mentor. 

I have been training professional coaches with the ACTP school "Erickson International" since 2012.

I have trained Coaches and worked as a Coach in several countries (France, Canada, Czech Republic, Thailand, Brazil, China, India, Latvia, Lithuania...) and coming from all over the world (online) , in French and in English. 

I am also a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer for Soul Coaching® Practitioners, certified by Denise Linn and by the Soul Coaching® International Institute (CA).

Before coaching:

I was an expatriate for several years and worked as a philosophy teacher and guidance counselor at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London (UK), as well as at one of the International Baccalaureate (IBO) schools in Beijing , in China.

Major of a Master II of Research in Philosophy, my research focused for several years on a branch of comparative philosophy, between Indian Buddhism and German idealism.

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